Sway Studios

Graphic Design

The Sway Studios team has over 14 years experience in graphic design. We can help with everything from logo design, business cards, catalogues, flyers and signage to website design. Please allow for a 7 day lead time on all jobs as we do have a wide client base (don't worry, we usually have a same-day response time, but we have to state this... just in case).

We communicate via WhatsApp, Skype and email to ensure that you are able to check the status of your design work throughout all stages of the creative process.

How we work:

You need work, you know you need to contact us, but what do you need to know? The following is a list of requirements that we need for the start of each job:

  • Deadline date; please do not expect a same-day delivery of the final artwork. Yes, we will be able to assist you on the first day of contact, but this will not be the final design piece. Special allowances will be made depending on our workload.
  • Supply a reference artwork; you may have a clear idea of what you are wanting and understand your industry lingo, but we can assure you that your lingo will be completely different to our understanding of what is required. It is for this reason that we require a reference image so that we avoid wasting time and effort on something you don't want.
  • We bill per job (as a flat rate) and seldom bill per hour. These are tough times and we want to give you piece of mind with your design experience.
  • A list of what formats and sizing you would like the final files to be in; this includes document size as well as bleed amounts.
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