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About us

Do you want original art or a  graphic illustration?

You have come to the right place!

Tracy Marais is our talented artist. She has over 10 years experience in the art industry and her book illustrations can be viewed around the globe.

Every artwork will be discussed in detail at the start of a project, as well as the style of the outcome that you are wanting to achieve.

Art and Illustration

Sway Studios offers original art (and logo art) as well as book illustrations. These artworks can be created and adapted to suit the specific look, mood and theme of your narrative. (Animations can also be supplied upon request.) 

Please note that eBooks are currently trending. Our team needs to know which platform you are going to be working with at the start of the project. This ensures that the artwork dimensions are correct and that no heart ache is had by either the client or Sway Studios.

the little mermaid mixed media art by Tracy Marais
the royal opera house custom box design for french theatre by Tracy Marais
cinderella art nouveau artwork for the royal opera house display by Tracy Marais
the little mermaid mixed media artwork transformation by Tracy Marais

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