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The Sway Studios team has expanded to include website design, web developers, SEO, app designers as well as programmers. We have displayed a few of our completed websites below, but we don't want to bore you with our entire portfolio. We recognise that each website design has to be catered to the clients industry and reflect their personality.

How we work:

  • We have set rates for 1 page, 2-3 pages, 4-5 pages and 7 page websites. Our rates start at R1800. The rate will be discussed with the client if their website is found to have more pages than this. Alternatively, an hourly rate will be discussed.
  • We work exclusively in WordPress, so please feel free to browse their free templates for your website here. You have to provide three options for use to use and we may manipulate the coding from there. The reason we do this is because you have your own personal taste. It will be pointless and a big waste of time for us to apply a template that you don't like.
  • Alternatively, we may apply a template of our choice and then you may browse the free themes if you are not happy with it. You may also buy a WordPress theme from a reputable site if you want your website to be really specialised. The Sway Studios staff will be able to talk you through this process.
  • We need all text and images for your website to be sent to us. We are able to write and provide stock images, but this will be added on to your website fee.
  • Our design team will create a PDF mock-up of your website that will need your approval before we continue with the web design.

The differences between a web designer / web developer / SEO are as follows:

  • Web Designers make the website look 'pretty', we handle the visual side of things such as pictures, colour and layout suggestions.
  • Web Developers are the guys who see humor in coding and handle all of the page transitions, fade effects, fancy website layouts (when you see the image disappear behind text but then pop up again as you carry on scrolling). This is an INTENSE job and not for the faint-hearted.
  • SEO = Search Engine Optimization. This is a very time consuming process and while we include a very basic portion of this on our websites, this is quoted for individually and not included in any website package unless discussed.

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